The Mercado II® is the most advanced multisport headgear on the market. Designed by a highly acclaimed team of designers, mechanical and biomedical engineers, The Mercado II® offers athletes optimal fit, form, comfort and protection.

Head Safety is our Mission.
Head Protection is our Passion.


Technology. Innovation. Protection.

Fight, jump and train in complete safety and comfort,
thanks to the new headgear fatures.

Superior Poron XRD® forehead impact protection

Ergonomic FORM-FIT retention system

Deep, rigid chin cup for secure fit

Optimal air ventilation

Deep ear pockets for comfort and sound transmission

Interchangeable chin strap with MY-FIT System

Detachable pony tail port

Poron XRD® enhanced rear impact protection

Adjustable MY-FIT cable dial retention system


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The Mercado II.
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